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You don't speak portuguese? No problem! You are welcome too! Please post here to not flood the forum with other languages and keep it easy to navigate for portuguese-only speakers.

This site is intended to be a meeting, discussion and learning point for everyone interested in the use of free software in the areas of architecture, engineering and related areas, for CAD and, above all, BIM.

This site is maintained by volunteers interested in the topic, it is not sponsored by any entity or company. The idea is to allow interested people to learn about the topic from each other, and to promote horizontal, generic discussions on the topic of BIM, which are not tied to a particular software. In other words, a Brazilian version of

The house is yours, feel free to participate, add ideas and content, or simply use this place to ask questions.

We just ask you to be always be respectful of other users (aggressive content or users will be deleted without notice), and make as much use as possible of labels so that the information you add is easily found by other users.

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